Rosen 2

Rosen Class

Teacher: Miss Lovell
Year Group: 1
Class Parent Rep(s): Mrs Crowley and Mrs Hall

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Welcome to Rosen Class

Rosen Newsletter Term 3 2018


We have been learning how to use addition and subtraction facts to 5 and 10.  We used Numicon to help us.

IMG_0411 IMG_0413 IMG_0417





Beegu- Our Power of Reading Text

We created a home for Beegu.

IMG_0323 IMG_0331 IMG_0333






We did an experiment.  We found out what would happen when we added water and air to washing up liquid.

IMG_0379 IMG_0380





Look at our amazing writing!

Capital letters letter





The NEW Christmas post box in use,  made for the school by Mr Malone.  And here we are on Christmas Jumper Day doing some activities in class.

ch post box working  to gether to learn post box how we made it chritmas jumper lennie christmas jumpers christmas jumper christmas jumper leo









Jolly Postman- Our Power of Reading Text

We drew maps and had a visit from a real postman!

Jolly Postman   We created maps of the postman's route Jolly Postman route Jolly postman route map Jolly postman map Jolly postman  writing postcards Jolly Postman Our text this term was the Jolly Postman by Allan & Janet Ahlberg We had a visit from a real postman










We used rulers to measure in centimetres.  We used the ipads to order length.   We matched the snakes to see how long they were.

Maths Measure we used rulers to measure in centimetres Maths Measure We ordered measures on the ipads Maths measure We matched the snakes and found out how lonf they are. We measured using centimetres





The woods

We went into the woods to look for 3D shapes.  We used the ipads to take the photos ourselves.

Woods We dress in waterproofs & visit the woods woods We had a maths session in the woodland area finding shapes Woods discovering 3D shapes Woods shapes..we used the ipads to take photos










Our artist to focus on this year is Kandinsky.  We have created our own versions.

Art We looked at the art work  of Wassily Kandinsky Art We looked at the art work  by Wassily Kandinsky.png Art Kandinsky We created some of our own!






We have been using the computer suite to explore a range of programs.

Compt Computers we can use technology to help us learn Computing We can use the mouse ! Computing We use the computer suite there are lots of programs we can choose










Browne Class retold the story of ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne using story maps they produced in class.











We  worked collaboratively to create settings for the different places the Snail and the Whale visited in our Power of Reading text.

settings cave settings elijah volcano settings Faaiz beach settings ice settings volcano









Every child in Rosen Class has been given a ‘buddy’ from Browne Class. They will be there to look out for them and will also help out in class from time to time. They will meet often and join in many activities throughout the coming year.

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Anthony Roper Awards