Wood Mouse

Wood Mouse Class

Teacher: Miss Lovell
Year Group: 1/2
Class Parent Rep(s): Mrs Carter, Mrs Jarrett-Smith and Mrs Bakker

Info and Children's Work

Welcome to Wood Mouse Class

Wood Mouse Newsletter Term 5 2017

We planted cress seeds.  Look what happened after 4 days!

cress 1 cress 2






Maths Games

Children in Red Fox class designed and planned math board games which they then played with Wood Mouse Class. There were some amazing games which supported the smaller children with their understanding of maths. A very successful activity for both classes!


























We read the story of The Gingerbread Man,  re-told it orally, re-wrote our favourite part, then we decorated our own gingerbread men…finally we ate them.






Red Fox and Wood Mouse are buddy classes. Both classes enjoyed spending time  reading together.


















Wood Mouse have been looking at the story of ‘Goldilocks.’  Mrs Bennett made us some yummy porridge.

SUNP0509 SUNP0511 SUNP0510





We have been looking at vehicles and transport.  We designed our own vehicles.

SUNP0496 SUNP0498 SUNP0500 SUNP0501 SUNP0502 SUNP0504 SUNP0503 SUNP0497 SUNP0499













Here we are being scientists.

SUNP0506 SUNP0507 SUNP0508





Wood Mouse Class made curry for healthy living week.

SUNP0450 SUNP0454 SUNP0455 SUNP0461 SUNP0462 SUNP0467









We use a 100 sqaure to work out 10 more and 10 less.

SUNP0475 SUNP0476 SUNP0477





Here we are on ‘Roald Dahl Day.’

1RDahlDay 2RDahlDay 3RDahlDay 4RDahlDay 5RDahlDay









We made pretend rock.






Traction Man- We made models of our superheroes.

SUNP0419 SUNP0406 SUNP0421





Talking about our superhero toys.

SUNP0424 SUNP0425 SUNP0426




Anthony Roper Awards