Dormouse Class

Class Pupil Rep:

Teacher: Mrs Tuhey
Year Group: 2
Class Parent Rep(s): Ms Parker (Scott) and Ms Archer (Ellis)

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Welcome to Dormouse Class

Dormouse Term 6 Newsletter 2017

Dormouse Class visited Colchester  Zoo on Wednesday 28th June along with the other Key Stage 1 classes. We had a super time and even had some hands on contact with the animals.

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Pine Marten Class made some maths games for Dormouse Class and they helped us play them. It was great fun even if a little challenging.

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Dormouse class are studying plants in their science work and spent some time exploring the school field and garden.  We spotted lots of different plants including daisies, dandelions, bluebells, holly, willow trees, horse chestnut trees and lots more. We learnt why leaves are green and how plants make their own food.

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Dormouse class assembly

On Thursday 2nd March Dormouse class presented their class assembly to their parents and the whole school.  We all dressed as our favourite book characters and wrote about our favourite books.

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Please see the writing below…


My favourite book is ‘The Twits’. I like it because they’re always playing tricks on each other. My favourite character is Mr Twit because he does the best tricks. My favourite chapter is when Mrs Twit gets stretched. It’s by Roald Dahl.



My favourite book is ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I like it because it’s adventurous, exciting, interesting and chocolatey. My favourite character is Mr Willy Wonka because he is funny, clever, brainy and weird. The author is Roald Dahl. In the factory the garden is edible. In the story the chocolate was delivered by T.V. in the T.V. room. Charlie is delivered home in a great glass elevator. Charlie was very poor. I’ve read it a couple of times.



My favourite book is ‘Mara the Meerkat fairy’. I like it because it is very funny. My favourite part is when a goblin fell into a meerkat hole head first but he has the magical charm. The three friends help get it back. My favourite character is Mara. The author is Daisy Meddows. It is my favourite fairy book.


Dormouse class enjoyed taking part in the science workshops arranged by Mrs Pike in January.

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Dormouse class have based their  English work around a text called ’10 Things I Can Do To Help My World’ and created a super display showing how we can look after our world.






Mrs Murray helped create this beautiful textile map of Eynsford.

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We made healthy juices and smoothies during healthy living week using lovely fresh vegetables and fruits.

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Dormouse class have been studying seasonal change and we have observed our shadows at different times of the day.






Dormouse class created our silhouettes by shining a strong light onto a dark surface. Then we stood in front of it to show our profile and Ms English drew round us. Can you tell who they are?




Anthony Roper Awards