Hedgehog Class

Class Pupil Rep:
Mrs Watson and Mrs Woollams

Teacher: Miss Tattersall
Year Group: 3
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Welcome to Hedgehog Class

Hedgehog Term 6 Newsletter 2017

Hedgehogs are enjoying learning all about electricity this term. We worked with our friends to build an electrical circuit. We learned that in order for the light bulb to work, the circuit has to be complete with no gaps.

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Children enjoyed creating descriptive poems about the jungle on the island Tierra Del Fuego. We worked in groups to share our ideas and create a group poem. We then performed them!

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Hedgehog Class have been busy learning about fractions this week. We have been shading fractions of shapes and finding fractions of an amount. Choosing a mixture of counters or cubes, we wrote fraction statements about the varieties of colours, for example 7/12 of my counters are blue.

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We have been learning how to stay safe online. Using a ‘choices wheel’, we tried to make to best choice for various situations we may encounter online. We are confident we know how to be smart online!

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We have had fun looking at symmetry in Hedgehog Class this week. We have created symmetrical patterns and worked with partners to complete the patterns on the other side of the line of symmetry.

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Hedgehog Class are really enjoying our current Power of reading text, ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre. This adventure story features many interesting characters and scenarios! We enjoyed acting out a scene in which some rather sarcastic seaweeds were bothering our main character Oliver, and Iris the short-sighted mermaid!

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