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Teacher: Miss Morris
Year Group: 3
Class Parent Rep(s): Mrs Hoad and Mrs Corkery

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Potter Newsletter Term 3 2018

Crazy Hair Day

Potter Class loves Crazy Hair Day …. And we were definitely crazy today!

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Healthy Pizzas

As part of Healthy Living Week, Potter Class made healthy pizzas and they tasted lovely!

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Roman Numerals

In a Maths lesson we collected sticks to help us learn about Roman Numerals. Making the Roman Numerals wasn’t easy but we did it!

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Role Playing

In English we have been reading the book Ug by Raymond Briggs. We role played some of the scenes from the book and it was highly amusing! We love role playing and understanding more about the characters.

IMG_0434 IMG_0440 IMG_0466





Shadow Puppets

In term 3 our Science topic has been light and we created our own shadow puppets to understand how shadows are created and how their shape and size can change. We used the light from the whiteboard as well as a large lamp as our light sources to see the shadows created by our puppets.

IMG_0487 IMG_0488 IMG_0489 IMG_0490 IMG_0497 IMG_0498









Lullingstone Park

We had our class trip on November 7th and really enjoyed being outdoors – even though it was freezing! The children were about to create their own poetry from their surroundings and created various habitats for different animals.

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The Iron By Ted Hughes

In term 2 Potter Class have been reading the book The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We decided as a class to create our own Iron Men out of junk modelling that we had collected. We also spray painted the iron men so they looked silver, like the real Iron Man.

We finally completed them and they look amazing!


IMG_0450 IMG_0447 IMG_0444 IMG_0437 IMG_0436 IMG_0415 IMG_0402 IMG_0400 IMG_0399 IMG_0396 IMG_0394 IMG_0148 IMG_0146 IMG_0145





















In a maths lesson, we went outside to learn about different types of lines. We made horizontal lines, vertical lines, parallel lines and perpendicular lines with sticks. We also used our bodies to make these lines too!

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Music with Mr Drake

We are enjoying our music lessons with Mr Drake. He is teaching us how to make music with our bodies by stamping and clapping, as well as teaching us how to play the xylophone.


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Investigating Magnets

We have been testing if materials are magnetic or non-magnetic in Potter Class. We tried lots of different materials and grouped them into magnetic and non-magnetic materials. We also found other objects around our classroom to be magnetic, like Miss Morris’ whiteboard.

DSCN0068 DSCN0067 DSCN0066

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