Potter 2

Potter Class

Class Pupil Rep:

Teacher: Miss Morris
Year Group: 3
Class Parent Rep(s): Mrs Hoad and Mrs Corkery

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Welcome to Potter Class

Potter Newsletter Term 2 2017

In a maths lesson, we went outside to learn about different types of lines. We made horizontal lines, vertical lines, parallel lines and perpendicular lines with sticks. We also used our bodies to make these lines too!

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Music with Mr Drake

We are enjoying our music lessons with Mr Drake. He is teaching us how to make music with our bodies by stamping and clapping, as well as teaching us how to play the xylophone.


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Investigating Magnets

We have been testing if materials are magnetic or non-magnetic in Potter Class. We tried lots of different materials and grouped them into magnetic and non-magnetic materials. We also found other objects around our classroom to be magnetic, like Miss Morris’ whiteboard.

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