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Teacher: Miss Hughes
Year Group: 3/4
Class Parent Rep(s): Mrs McLeish and Mrs Hayward

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Milne Class Newsletter Term 3 2018

On Tuesday 14th November 2014 Milne Class visited Lullingstone Country Park to participate in some outdoor learning activities. The children wrote poems, built habitats for a given woodlands creature and then created advertisements to sell that habitat.  They then drank hot chocolate by the camp fire.  We all had an amazing time.  HUGE thanks to the parents for sorting travel to the park and the parents who stayed with us for the day.

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Winnie the Pooh style stories by Milne Class


Zara Foster-Young

In the forest there was a magic house and in the house lived Daisy the lazy ladybug and her friend webby Debby the spider.  One day they were having fun when a dark blue fly started bothering them.  They were trying to run away from it.

“My name is the EVIL FLY!” said the fly.  They were shocked.

Then Daisy the lazy lady bug ran home to watch TV.  She was so lazy!


Ciaran Bowden

One day there was a spider called Webby Debby the Spider (most people call her Debby).  Anyway, she was extremely clever and liked to play the piano.  She liked to play soft songs with high notes.

She has friends like: Bella the butterfly and Daisy the lazy ladybird.

She has enemies like: The evil fly and Grace the Goblin.

She lives on a bristly thorny tree.  She lived in some buckets with some other insects.  There were spindly trees and a spider infested village nearby.



Zoey Crone

There was once a log of doom.  It was magic, deep and damp and Busy the bee lived there.  One day he was bad tempered because he lost his honey cake book.  So his friend Bunny Boo helped him to find it.  They started at Bunny Boo’s house and found that Bunny Boo had the book the entire time.  Busy the bee was happy and he went to sit on the grass as the sun went down.

The children in Milne class are doing cross country this term for PE.  They have been warming up by playing games and learning techniques for long distance running and relay races.

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In Milne class we participate in Guided Reading activities every day.  These activities are completed on a carousel rota so we all get to do each activity at some time through the week.

Activities are:

  1. Reading independently or with a teacher/TA.
  2. Completing a Grammar sheet or Comprehension.
  3. Story writing in Writing Journals or something similar.


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Milne class spent some of the morning exploring the school woodlands for setting and character inspiration for their ‘Winnie the Pooh’ stories.  The children developed their descriptive vocabulary and discussed story lines while in the woods.  Keep an eye out on our class page in the coming weeks for the children’s stories.

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