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Teacher: Mrs Spencer
Year Group: 4
Class Parent Rep(s): Mrs Watson and Ms Boore (Beecham)

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Welcome to Browne Class

Browne Newsletter Term 2 2017

High Excitement!

Children went to the woods to collect sticks to make dream catchers. While they were there, it began to snow! Children, although cold, enjoyed the first snow fall of this winter.










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Healthy Living Week

As part of our healthy living week children designed and made a very healthy pizza. Children enjoyed the whole experience.

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Browne Class busy creating portraits in the style of Andy Warhol.













On Tuesday 7th November 2017 Browne Class visited Lullingstone Country Park to participate in some outdoor learning activities. The children wrote poems, built habitats for a given woodlands creature and then created advertisements to sell that habitat.  They then drank hot chocolate by the camp fire.  We all had an amazing time.  HUGE thanks to the parents for sorting travel to the park and the parents who stayed with us for the morning.

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Canopic Jars

The ancient Egyptians had a strong religious belief that when a person died they would return to an ‘afterlife’ that was almost the same as the life they had when they were alive.  In their belief, the body needed to be preserved so that the person could return. This is why the Egyptians created mummies. The process required that not only the outside of the person’s body be mummified, but also all of the internal organs. Canopic jars were created to contain all of the organs, so that upon entering the afterlife, the person would be complete.

Children worked with Mrs Nicholson to make their own Canopic Jars!

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The Force of Magnetic Attraction

As part of their science investigation, children observed how magnets attracted or repelled each other and attracted some materials and not others by designing, making and playing a magnetic game.

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Once again Browne Class had the chance to meet with their buddy class.  They retold the story of ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne using story maps they produced in class.


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The Ukulele.

Children in Browne are very lucky to have the opportunity to learn how to play the ukulele.

Mr Drake teaches the class on a Friday afternoon. The idea is for the children to practise singing and play lots of tunes.

The ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to learn, and quickly rewarding.

The most important thing for the children to remember is to have lots of fun!

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Rosen Class is our buddy class this year . Buddies will be there to help the children in the playground as well as in class. Browne Class look forward to the many activities, in the coming year, which they will share with Rosen Class.

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Anthony Roper Awards