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Tolkien Class

Class Pupil Rep:

Teacher: Mrs Pike
Year Group: 6
Class Parent Rep(s): Mrs Evans and Mrs Birch

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Welcome to Tolkien Class

Tolkien Newsletter Term 2 2017

Tolkien’s very own family link to the Guy Fawkes gang! One of our class made a presentation telling us how two of their ancestors were members of the infamous group who tried to blow up parliament. Unfortunately, they came to a sticky end.

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We met with our buddy class- Cottontail.  We wandered through the woods and helped them find 5 autumn leaves to take back to school.










We went into the woods to whittle some sticks.

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Impressive Design Technology projects based around our class book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sacher.

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Our Class Assembly

We enjoyed putting together our class assembly where we talked about the importance of great team work and how we have learnt to work together throughout our time at Anthony Roper.

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An Amazing Find!

When we were on the play equipment, Caleb, Kit and Luke spotted a green caterpillar on the ground. Not just any old caterpillar, but a Pale Trussock Moth Caterpillar which we took back to class to identify. Tolkien Class did a bit of research and found out that its hairs were irritating to skin and that it will turn into a moth. We fed it lots of leaves and it ate them all! It was a very hungry caterpillar! We then found out that this time in September, the caterpillars are searching for somewhere to pupate for the winter. We showed the caterpillar to Rosen Class and then let it go as it would be cruel to keep it.

Written by Caleb, Kit and Luke






Grammar game

We enjoyed playing a grammar game which Joseph, Toby and Henry had designed and made.  They based it around the timestable game ‘King of the Castle’.

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