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Teacher: Mrs Pike
Year Group: 5/6
Class Parent Rep(s): Mrs Birch and Mrs Jarrett-Smith

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Seal Term 6 Newsletter 2017

Seal Class Assembly on Evolution and Biodiversity

Who knew that rice was so interesting? Who knew that there are hundreds of different types of rice but we mostly eat just basmati? Our assembly showed how supply and demand dictates what food we eat today and how 60% of all the food that we do eat comes from just three crops : wheat, corn and rice. We learnt that biodiversity is essential if we are going to have enough food to eat in the future and that this is going to impact evolution. To top it all off, we even threw in some bollywood dancing!

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Red Fox Class teamed up with Seal Class for an exciting PE lesson. Mrs Harrison changed the rules of the usual ‘Gather the Treasure Race’ and demonstrated how to use a ‘Wheelie Board’ instead of their legs. Lots of fun was had by all!














Seal Class have been learning about Tudor times.  They went on a trip to Knole House in Sevenoaks.  The children dressed up in Tudor costumes- they were all manner of society – from Lord and Lady Sacksville, various household servants to different skilled workers.  The children also experienced a taste of playing Tudor musical instruments.  They looked around the outside of the House, searching for evidence to reveal clues as to Knole House’s past.  They were able to examine replica artefacts trying to determine their uses and who would use them.  Everyone enjoyed a picnic in the glorious spring weather in the Green Courtyard. Following lunch, the children blew off steam under the large trees of the parkland.  After lunch, they tried their hands at portrait sketching, either themselves using a mirror or drawing their partners- all encouraged by a professional portrait artist.

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Look at what you can do with static electricity!

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In our class assembly, each group of children chose a piece of learning from last term and presented it to the school. We had dramas on The Twits, Macbeth and The London Eye;  presentations on how the heart works, the movement of light and Scratch games in computing; as well as health and safety when doing DT. We ended with an amazing Kung Fu demonstration by a robot which Sam had spent the past year making at home!

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Christmas in Seal

We helped to decorate the tree at St Martins Church by making snowflakes out of white clothes pegs, glitter and glue.

The after eight mint challenge was a sticky end to our Christmas Party!

We made Christmas collages with our buddies in Field Mouse Class.


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Mrs Riddleston made two fantastic displays for our English topics on The Twits and Macbeth.

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Making savoury muffins in our Health and Wellbeing week.

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We read the story of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ to tell to our buddies in Field Mouse Class.

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An afternoon of design and technology working on our own projects.

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Seal and Field Mouse are buddy classes. Both classes enjoyed spending time in the sun reading together.














We really enjoyed sewing hearts for our science display on the heart and circulation. Thank you very much Mrs Jarrett-Smith, Mrs Baldock and Mrs Birch for helping us.

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Our new Science Ambassadors.







Seal Class showed what great actors they are when they performed a play for the school in their class assembly. The play followed the day in the life of a school girl who was trying to live healthily despite all the temptations put in her way. Even with a brief interval to mop up an exploding can of coke, the play was a great success!

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We investigated the importance of calcium on our bodies by removing it from an egg shell using vinegar and comparing what happened with a control egg. Our experiment proved that calcium keeps our bones strong.

DSCF9624 DSCF9637 DSCF9634 DSCF9631 DSCF9627 DSCF9622









Seal Class had a great day at the Himalayan Gardens in Sevenoaks where they worked in teams to build some fantastic and unique shelters. Meeting the resident Labrador, Troy, proved to be the highlight though!

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