School Council Class

Class Pupil Rep:

Teacher: Mrs Harrison
Year Group: KS2 reps to represent the school
Class Parent Rep(s): N/A

Info and Children's Work

Our school councillors are elected by their classmates. The school council is led by the School Captains and has representatives from each class in Key Stage 2.

They meet every two weeks with Mrs Harrison who is the School Council Link Teacher. The purpose of the School Council is to allow the children to have some ownership of events in the school. They  will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed.

To date the School Council has raised several hundred pounds through fund raising ideas like selling glow sticks or the art competition. The money raised allows the children to purchase extra playground equipment for use during lunch time.

School Captains:

DSC03941 DSC03937





Class Representatives:

DSCF4427- HDSCF4429- BDSCF4430- RFDSCF4431- ODSCF4432- SDSCF4434- PM









Term 4

The school council organised their annual Easter Egg-stravaganza.  Well done to all the entrants- there were some egg-cellent ideas.  Congratulations to the winners!

KS1 egg croppedIMG_0201





IMG_1770 IMG_1771 IMG_1772 IMG_1773 IMG_1774 IMG_1775 IMG_1776 IMG_1777 IMG_1778













Term 3

The School Council together with Mrs Harrison organised another amazing year of Roper’s Talent.  Well done to everyone that took part.

DSC_0043 DSC_0426 DSC_0198 DSC_0199 DSC_0063 DSC_0122 DSC_0148 DSC_0190 DSC_0231 DSC_0235 DSC_0716 DSC_0005 DSC_0180 DSC_0275 DSC_0750 DSC_0850 DSC_0395 DSC_0478 DSC_0546 DSC_0655 DSC_0681 DSC_0517
































And the winners were…

DSC_0850 DSC_0395 DSC_0190





Term 2

The School Council organised the annual fireworks competition.  Well done to all the children that entered- it was hard to choose the winners!!

Here they are…

fireworks 1 fireworks 2 fireworks 3

Term 2

The School Council, together with Mrs Cleaver and Mrs Harrison, organised the ever-popular ARPS Bake Off.  Plenty of bakes and cakes were brought into school over a couple of days.  They were judged at lunchtimes by teachers and guest judges.  The bakes were sold after school which raised £300!

Congratulations to all the children to that entered their bakes and especially to the winners.

Photos from the sale…

DSCN1324 DSCN1345 DSCN1330 DSCN1351 DSCN1328 DSCN1333 DSCN1346 DSCN1347 DSCN1348 DSCN1350 DSCN1331 DSCN1329

















And the winners…

DSC03971 DSC03979 DSC03969 DSC04043 DSC04011 DSC04000









Prize giving…

IMG_0234 IMG_0239 IMG_0238 IMG_0237









Anthony Roper Awards