Year 3 sleepover

On Friday 20th April, the year 3 pupils were able to come back to school to have a big sleepover in the hall.

We began by putting our things in the hall and being registered. We then had some yummy dinner cooked by Mrs Brushett (thank you!). After eating a lot of food, they were split into two big groups to complete some outdoor activities.

One group went with Mr Sutton on a hunt to find as many hidden objects as they could in the surrounding grass and trees on the field, and went onto working in pairs, one blind-folded and the other guiding the way through the obstacle course!

The other group went to our visit our new camp fire man Jim and learned about fire safety, how to start a fire and which pieces of wood to collect to help create a fire. After collecting a lot of wood, the pupils were treated to a roasted marshmallow (as you can see they loved this part!)

We then all gathered around the campfire for some singing and dancing and then went inside to change into our PJ’s and watch a film. We enjoyed a hot chocolate and cake just before bed.

Then the pupils (were meant to) go to bed and sleep. Not much sleeping happened though! And early the next morning all the pupils woke up, had breakfast al fresco and packed to go home. Everybody had so much fun!  Thank you to all the teachers that came to help.


Arriving 1 Dinner 2 Dinner 3 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 1 Fire 1 Fire 3 Fire 4 Fire 5 Fire 6 Fire 7 Film Bed 1 Bed 2 Morning 1

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