Winners of the Marble Challenge

The Marble Run Challenge

It took us a long time to come to our decision! First and most importantly, the models had to keep the marble moving for at least 3 seconds (Key Stage 1) or at least 5 seconds (Key Stage 2).

Those models which did were then judged against the following three criteria :

  1. Was the marble run sturdy and well-made? Did it work every time?
  2. Was the marble run inventive and creative? We were especially impressed with models that had more than one mechanism.
  3. Did the model include a scientific explanation? This was particular important for Upper Key Stage 2 entries.

The winners of the Marble Run Challenge are as follows :

All the winners

All the winners (2) ALL winners






All the winners (1)





Group winners

Group WinnerGroup Winner (2)





KS1 Runner -up

KS1 Runner-Up





KS1 Winner

KS1 Winner





LKS2 Runner-up

LKS2 Runner-Up





LKS2 Winner

LKS2 Winner





UKS2 Runner-up

UKS2 Runner-Up





UKS2 Winner

UKS2 Winner




















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