Safety Advice

Internet Safety Advice

The Anthony Roper School is committed to promoting the safe and responsible use of the
Internet and as such we feel it is our responsibility to raise this particular issue as a concern.
Websites such as Facebook offer amazing communication and social connections, however they are created with their audience in mind and it is not possible to control or verify the content.
Facebook’s terms and conditions state that all users must be 13 years or older and as such we
strongly recommend that parents do not allow their children to have their own personal profiles online if they are below this age. We are however aware that many children do use such sites and it is possible that by banning access and removing children’s’ technology it may mean that children do not feel able to raise any concerns or problems encountered with parents/carers or adults in school.

If your child experiences anything online that makes them feel scared, worried or frightened then please visit

We’d recommend that all parents visit the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP)
center’s Think U Know website for more information on keeping your child safe online

Further advice and information can be found and

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