Secondary Schools

Secondary Transfer

The move to Secondary School is an important step in the life of a child. In September when your child begins year 6 you will be given a booklet that gives details of the admissions criteria of the various schools and the open days when you can visit. You will also want to talk through the various options with your child’s teacher. In this area there are many choices and procedure can be quite complex so we encourage you to visit a wide variety of schools.

Please make sure you complete the SCAF (Secondary Common Application Form) by the specified date as well as any individual school supplementary forms. If this form is completed on line please provide the school office with a hard copy.

Here are the details of the Secondary open events:

Secondary Open Events 2018 1

Secondary Open Events 2018 2

School Leavers’ Destinations 2015-2017

Non Seclective schools

Grammar Schools

If your child is academic (in the top 15%-20%) then you have the option of entering them for the Kent Grammar School tests. It is important to realise that the admission criteria of these schools all include ‘distance from the school’.

Grammar Schools Outside Kent

Please be advised that if you wish your child to go to a grammar school outside the Kent area they will need to sit the selection test for that school. Please see the individual school for details.

Independent Schools (fee paying)

If this is an option for you there are several. These schools have their own entrance exams.



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