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Ahlberg Class

Class Pupil Rep:

Teacher: Mrs Tuhey
Year Group: 2
Class Parent Rep(s): Mrs Gambrill and Miss Wright (McAlpine)

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Welcome to Ahlberg Class

Ahlberg class letter Term 5 2018

The Lonely Beast

The children in Ahlberg class have been reading The Lonely Beast by Chris Judge.

We have used drama and role-play to explore the characters in the story. We then used what we learnt to help us write our diary pages. We even write a letter to the ‘Mayor’ persuading him to allow the Beast to stay in the park – despite complaints from local residents!

DSCN0400 DSCN0401 DSCN0402 DSCN0403 DSCN0404











In science we looked at different materials.  We tested different types of paper to see how strong they were.

DSCN0361 DSCN0353 DSCN0352






Power of Reading

In class we are reading ‘Man in the Moon.’  We made Alien Models.

Dollies Alien Ellies alien Evies alien Jeevans slien ???????? zivas alien









Biscuit houses

We made little Christmas houses with biscuits.










Toys from the past

Ziva’s Mum brought some toys from the past in for us to see.

DSCN0255 DSCN0257





Bug homes

We have been making our own bug houses and places some of them in the woods.

DSCN0249 DSCN0250






We have been exploring 3D shapes.

DSCF5287 DSCF5289 DSCF5291 DSCF5292









Woodland Area

Ahlberg class had a lovely time exploring the woodland area looking for micro habitats.

DSCN0164 DSCN0165 DSCN0166 DSCN0167 DSCN0168 DSCN0169 DSCN0171 DSCN0173 DSCN0175 DSCN0176 DSCN0177 DSCN0178 DSCN0180 DSCN0181





















Each table made a scene box showing settings from different parts of our book ‘The Snail and the Whale.’

We also made our own snails.

DSCN0090 DSCN0092 DSCN0095 DSCN0098 DSCN0099 DSCN0101 DSCN0103 DSCN0064 DSCN0059 DSCN0062

















Ahlberg class worked with Miss Armsby and had great fun making music with everyday objects.

Ahlberg music with objects (6) Ahlberg music with objects (5) Ahlberg music with objects (2)

Anthony Roper Awards