Parent Class Representative

The Parent Representative serves a primary role in maintaining good communication between parents, while also being a valuable resource to the teacher and the class.  The class reps also facilitate the social interaction among families in the school community.

Please feel free to gather parents e-mail addresses/phone numbers to ease contact between you and the parents of the class.

What is a parent representative?

  • The parent representative liaises with the parents in the class by keeping them informed of activities and events.
  • The parent representative is a “support resource” for times when the teacher may request resources or support.

What specifically does a parent representative do for the parents?

  • The parent representative encourages the parents to volunteer when needed – either for activities and events when requested by  the class teacher.
  • The parent representative passes on ideas/requests from the parents to the class teacher or teaching assistant.

What specifically does a parent representative do for the teachers? 

  • The parent representative, at the request of the teacher only, arranges assistance via the parent class body in a manner needed by the teacher.

What specifically does a parent representative not do?

  • Class representatives are not to be used to help other parents express concerns about their own children.  This should be done directly between the parents themselves and the teacher.

Suggestions for ways to support the class and the teacher:

(not always being actively involved but providing the link to other parents that may be able to help)

  • Communication with class parents
  • General in -class support as requested by the class teacher
  • Encouraging parents to support school  and class events
  • Help with organising class parties and events
  • Accompanying the class to Church events
  • Helping with cooking activities and other practical activities
  • Coming in to read a story- Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 in particular
  • Helping with planting activities
  • Helping with class assemblies
  • Researching parents’ expertise- people with particular skills e.g. sewing, speaking a foreign language, interesting jobs…
  • Organising a working party for an outside area or ‘in class’ “tidy-up”

Here is the current list of Parent Rep emails.

Parent Rep Emails 2018



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