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Enrichment Programme


The Enrichment Programme is our strategic and innovative way to further support (and exceed) the expectations of the National Curriculum. This is where we house the more complex areas of our curriculum, where more time and/or resources are required to learn best. As such, our Enrichment Programme is crammed with memorable and exciting units of learning that contribute to our curriculum progression.


Our Enrichment Programme is a collection of ‘courses’. Like the rest of our foundation curriculum structure, the Enrichment Programme runs on a 2-year cycle. For 5 weeks of every term, a half-day is allocated to an Enrichment Course. The courses rotate through the phase so that each class gets access to everything they need. Enrichment is shown on our school calendar.


The impact of our Enrichment Programme can be seen in the children’s Enrichment Diaries, which they complete every week. Furthermore, the progress they make within each subject discipline can be identified in the Retrieval Quizzes that the children complete each week.